Polish Pair Visiting SVG Hopes To Find Missing Man

The daughter of a 74yro polish man who fell from his vessel on 21st November 2017, is not giving up on finding him.

The woman Aga Blazowska who contacted News784 said the incident happened 500 nautical miles away from the Barbados, while her mother and father was doing an ocean crossing.

Her father, Stanislaw Dabrowny fell from his sailing yacht the (VAGANT), while her mother drifted for five days, she told News784.

Blazowska said her mother has little sailing experience and after five days adrift at sea, the cargo boat (ORANGE STAR) found her.

They were unable to locate and rescue her father along with a rescue wheel which she said her Mother threw overboard in hopes that passing ships would have spotted him.

The woman and her mother are currently in SVG raising awareness of the missing captain, they would be going on to Barbados on Monday.

They can be reached on WhatsApp @ +48605308103.