“Police Talent Being Wasted At Grenadines Wharf”

“ We have this awful situation, I still say, my people going to the Grenadines, Vincentians going to the Grenadines, at the wharf being searched, being searched for what”.

Mitchell said whether there is a cruise ship in or not the situation is the same, because in any event once there is a cruise ship in, they use another entry rather than the normal entry.

You have numbers of policemen 6 to 8 at a time searching people, those policemen should be on the streets in Kingstown.

That’s where they should be doing a useful job, Mitchell said.

“ A resident of Bequia told me, she had come up to do shopping and she rented a car to take her back to the wharf, in getting there the guard at the gate told her she had to get out and bring her things to be searched, am talking about what she just bought in Kingstown”.

“ She told him she is not getting out, she was just in Kingstown, the guy walked away and left her there and refused to open the gate, she said she was early and she left the car there, and let it block those who wanted to come in, she waiting for them to arrest her”.

Mitchell told radio host Dwight Bing Joseph that there are a number of Questions he would like to ask.

Where are the statistics?  what have the police ever found in a bag over the last ten years for anybody going to Bequia?

Have they found a single gun? Have they found a single trace of cocaine?  Where are the statistics?  what are they,  Mitchell asked.


  1. They search your bags but do not search your pockets! If I were going to take drugs I would put them in my pockets. I would fasten them to the bottom of my car because they do not have mirrors. In fact I can fasten many guns and bombs under a car. There are so many ways to take guns or drugs.
    The police are searching people traveling from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to….SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES! What a joke!

    WHAT IS THE POINT? If someone wants to get something bigger out they can easily find other ways. Mitchell is right. It is a waste of our Tax Money in order to keep us scared!

  2. Why the police don’t be searching all the vehicles coming in and going out of Kingstown? There are more criminals living on the mainland than the grenadines. What they should be looking for is all the murders they can’t seem to catch who lives on the mainland and the robbers, the hardcore criminals, It’s so shameful that: as a small country which depend on tourism, passengers visiting can’t even walk free in the capital high daytime, for the fair of being rob. Its a darm shame. Yet you have police searching innocent people who travel to the mainland mainly to shop….. What exactly are they searching for??

    • No one seems to know why they have to search in people’s bags that are going from the mainland to the Grenadines since most all the crime is concentrated on the mainland. If someone wants to get things to the Grenadines for any unknown reason, there are certainly ways to do so instead of on the ferry boats. Some people get their bags searched some do not. If anyone wants to get things to the Grenadines they can do it.
      No one sees the reason for the searches unless it is to frighten us into thinking there is a threat of some kind.

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