Police Strikes Man In Head With Baton

Vincentians are calling for a full and transparent investigation into the brutalization of a citizen by a police officer, outside of the Russell shopping mall.

A video which surface on social media Wednesday evening showed a police officer and a civilian in a scuffle, the man appeared to be resisting the police .

In a second video one could clearly see an auxiliary police walking towards the officer and handing him a baton.

The law enforcement official then use the baton to strike the man in his head, defending himself with one hand the officer inflicted another blow with the baton, this hitting the mans hand which he was using to defend him self.

Persons looking on while the video was being recorded could clearly be heard calling out the officer on what they deemed as police brutality.

The video did not show what took place before the recording.

However, throughout the two recordings the man was not seen with any weapons in hand.

The police on Wednesday evening also issued a press release stating that they were aware of the video circulatiing on social media and asked  for the public’s help in gathering information on the incident. See report below.

For immediate release

The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force is aware of a video that is being circulated on social media showing an incident involving a police officer, an auxiliary police officer and a member of the public.

The Public Relations and Complaints Office wishes to assure the general public that this matter is currently under investigation.

We are therefore soliciting the assistance of anyone who has information relating to this incident to visit the Public Relations and Complaints Office or the Office of the Commissioner of Police.