1. What of the use of CCTV technology here on the mainland in SVG? Live good quality CCTV images with night vision capabilities can now be watched from anywhere in the world, even on one’s simple mobile phone once the cameras are set up in place.
    Such CCTV cameras now have facial recognition capabilities and can also analyse mode of walk by an individual.
    It is a shame that with such improvement in modern technology that the Police and Government here, are so profoundly backward in not making use of such CCTV equipment and encouraging the population as a whole likewise to make use of such improvement in CCTV technology.
    Were the Police department to set up just a few cameras at strategic junctions and on certain buildings here, they would no doubt gain much intelligence in their fight against crime, but there again both they and our Government are indeed backward!

  2. James H you mentioned CCTV with facial recognition which I am totally in agreement with but you never mentioned the cost for the unit plus installation. If you suggesting a do it yourself IP camera for 180$us minimum on Amazon for residential security that’s fine but to secure around the capital because there range is not significantly great.
    SVG have more than enough police to secure the place, instead of going canteen to booze up supply them with vehicles to patrol the island and form good relationships with the community.

  3. There are several Companies here, who can advise the public, Government and the Police department as to the best products to buy for the intended purpose JJ.
    Householders may not need the same resolution that are best suited for business and Police use. Good captured images of the criminals are all that would be required in the proof of identity.
    For sure, the UK Police have said that CCTV use is now a very vital part of their fight against crime there. The EU countries and Australia make very good use of this new technology, so why can’t SVG do the same? Tardiness no doubt!
    In helping householders and businesses fight this burglary menace, a TAX reduction on the Importation of CCTV and detection equipment, could be a very good start, if our Government was indeed serious about tackling this Crime Wave JJ. However TAX revenues it appears comes first with this administration!
    Next time the begging bowl goes up to the Brits, perhaps their Police could send our Government a few used CCTV Cameras.

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