Police Commissioner Not Satisfied With The Rate Of Solving Cases

Solving cases of criminal activity is a work in progress, so says Commissioner of police in St Vincent and the Grenadines Colin John.

“I would not say am satisfied, am looking for us to improve on our performances, as they say, the road to success is always under construction”.

John said the force has to ensure that they don’t rest and feel because there were a few successes recently in apprehending perpetrators of homicides, that the work is accomplished.

He said generally the public would come forward to give information, but at times feel uncomfortable in going to court.

He says they have put measures in place to allow persons to give evidence which is submersible in court.

John also noted that a witness protection program in place where persons can be either sent to a Caribbean island or to North America base on the severity of the situation.

The Commissioner said of the last six homicides they were able to arrest 5 persons associated with those cases.

“We have to make sure that perpetrators are brought before the court, because when persons feel they could commit a crime and get away with it, that in it could be an encouragement for them to continue committing crimes”.

Speaking on the radio Tuesday morning, the commissioner spoke to a recent incident in Kingstown involving an officer and a female who according to the eyewitness was handled in an unprofessional manner.

“The video that was shown, and base on our investigation was only part of the incident, not the sum total, we always encourage professionalism, even thou the law gives you the right to use reasonable force”, however, the matter is before the court”.

“As regards to the matter that a female officer should have been handling the female, there is nothing in the law that says a male officer can’t arrest a female, but it is clear that the male officer cannot search the individual’s person”.

John said as part of the initial training there is interpersonal training, PR and customer service.

He further says that officers go through a three month training period and are given extensive training on the job as well.