PM Gonsalves To Attend The 11th Gaidar Forum While In Russia

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves will attend the 11th Gaidar Forum, taking place on 15-16 January 2020 in Moscow.
The forum will focus on the topic of “Russia and the World: Challenges of the New Decade”.
The Gaidar Forum, organized by the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Adminsitration (RANEPA) is one of the major annual international scientific conferences in the field of economy in Russia.

The Forum was established in 2010 in tribute to the memory of Yegor Gaidar, the leading Russian economist and the architect of the Russian reforms of the early 1990s.

Over this time, the Forum has gained the reputation of one of the leading events in Russia on economic policy.

Last year alone it gathered more than 8,750 participants and 165,000 online audience and was widely reported both in Russian and world media.