PM Gonsalves " One Murder Is One Too Many"

One homicide is one too many, that’s the view of Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves speaking via radio on Monday 27th August 2018.

” But we have seen over the last couple of weeks a number of homicides relating to matters arising allegedly, from emotional or domestic disputes of one kind or another.

Its is a matter what Gonsalves said he has spoken about all the time.

” You have a number of murders which you may call absent of restraint murders, or absent of restraint killings, because they are only murders when they are fleshed out in a court of law”.

Gonsalves said you will have Neighbours quarrelling, lovers quarrelling, can’t control their emotions and end up with such.

“Then you have some completely unexplained ones, where someone gets killed by someone who you then discover have a mental problem, completely senseless and baffling.

Gonsalves said what needs to be done as a community is to build a sense of restraint in these matters.

” Like walking away, controlling your anger, because anger turns to violence, and that’s a matter for all of us”.

The National Security Minister said the schools, the churches, civil society, media, and very importantly the family have a role to play in stemming crime.


  1. There is a story told where an experiment was carried out on Rats and Mice in a barrel ( the story was repeated in that Bond Movie Skyfall ) The experiment it is said was carried out by ethologist John B Calhoun and he in turn coined the phrase “behavioral sink”.
    What we appears to have encountered here in SVG is that “behavioral sink,” turning upon each other because of a “societal Collapse” that has resulted from a failed experiment.
    Time to stop this failed experiment before we all die!

  2. This announcement by the Prime Minister tells me he does not have a clue!
    If he thinks his coming out and just telling people to behave differently is going to change things then he has no business being in charge of National Security. Has he ever thought of changing the conditions and environment that causes an increase in crime? The Police have been making changes, some of them good and appropriate and some of them may help but only temporarily. There is so much to be done. A large portion of the people do not respect the police, partly because the police do not respect them. It is also true that we have many “bad eggs” and corrupt in the police, that should be changed. We also need to stop all the tax increases that kill business and jobs. When people are working, many will have no time or need for crime, and it will help reducing crime by giving certain people more hope. Just telling people to “be nice” is not going to have much of an effect and tells me the Prime Minister is over his head as Minister of Security, as well as he was lost as Finance Minister.
    As he continues to squeeze the people of all their hard-earned money just to give small portions of it to the poor and to pay for his airport and other excessive spending programs, he can expect a “cause and effect” reaction to appear elsewhere.

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