PM Gonsalves lecture disrupted by protest

A public lecture by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves held in Barbados on Thursday night was disrupted by a small group of placard-bearing protesters, chanting “justice for all women”.

According to the Barbados Today, it comes amid rising public pressure on Gonsalves over his handling of the Yugge Farrell affair involving his son Camillo, who is accused of having an extramarital relationship with a 22-year-old former model.

Lecturer in Political Science at the Cave Hill Campus Dr Kristina Hinds, Public Relations Officer of the National Organization for Women (NOW) Marsha Hinds and Luci Hammans, a member of the Life in Leggings Movement demanded justice for women.

The protest lasted for about ten minutes before security officials intervened and escorted members of the group out of the lecture theatre at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.


  1. Ralph them can’t scared you with no protest that’s secondary protest over what please.
    Protesters you all hear what singing SANDRA from TNT said I will keep my honey and you could keep your money and I will die with my DIGNITY she was looking for money but no money no DIGNITY.

  2. Dr. Hinds we thank you and ALL who have helped SVG during our times of natrual disasters,and we are grateful,but u have engaged yourself in issues without knowing the facts. Get ALL the facts between December January 29 2018 , before you make yourself look STUPID.

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