PM Gonsalves Condemns Comments Made By President Trump

President Donald Trump

Prime Minister, Dr. Hon. Ralph Gonsalves at a press conference on Monday January 15th, 2018 condemned the recent derogatory remarks made by President of the United States, Donald Trump in respect to Haiti and other developing countries.

The Prime Minister said that this country stands with CARICOM in condemning the views that were reportedly expressed by President Trump when he referred to Haiti, El Salvador and Africa as “s***hole countries”.

He added that President Trump more than likely may not pay any attention to countries in the Caribbean because if he thinks of Haiti in that light he may think of all the Caribbean countries as such.

According to Prime Minister Gonsalves, “You cannot understand the extent of under-development in these countries without understanding that Europe and the United States underdeveloped these countries”.

He states that the good thing to come out from President Trump’s comments is that people will hopefully educate themselves on the countries that he mentioned and learn more about them.

Dr. Gonsalves reaffirmed that as a country, we must criticize President Trump’s comments but stressed it should be used as a teaching moment and that we should “arm ourselves with knowledge and to study and use that knowledge to lift ourselves”.

He further stressed that “we should use that knowledge to steal ourselves against ignorance like this and put us in a position to uplift and carry us on a different path out of underdevelopment to development”.


  1. Im’ sure that Gonsalves comment causes Trump to lose sleep at night…NOT! Truth is we are so insignificant that I am sure Trump was never even informed, or did they say:
    “Mr. Trump the leader of a country with a population the size of Wet Duck Kansas has said he does not approve of your comments.”

  2. Prime Minister, if it is true that, “Europe and the United States underdeveloped these countries” why do the leaders of these countries keep begging investors from Europe and the United States to continue this process with the same types of direct foreign investment that characterized the slavery-based plantation agriculture era?

    Why, for example, why is the government subsidizing with the blood, sweat, tears of our people the flights of Air Canada and Sunwing?

    The same holds true for foreign hotel investors who are bribed to come here with all sorts of concessions while repatriating 70 percent or more of their profits?

    Why is the government perpetuating our underdevelopment in these way?

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