People Will Kill For Me – Yugge Farrell +Video

Photo taken from video

Yugge Farrell is once again in the spotlight after a new video surfaced Thursday evening on social media platforms,  bringing attention once again to the never-ending drama in the life of the former model.

News784 obtained a copy of the 1-minute video in which Yugge disclosed a  number of different things including having persons on a hit list, to being a child of God.

Farrell in previous videos posted on various social media platforms claimed that she is a member of the Illuminati.

At the beginning of the video, Farrell states, “Since we are on the topic of murder, I will like to let you guys know I will never murder anyone, in the bible, it states that you shall not murder, I am a follower of God’s commandments, of God’s words”.

She continued by saying: “I take God’s instructions seriously, keeping them close to my heart, following them dearly, which is why I will never murder anyone”.

Following praises to God, and in a strange twist of departing from her love for him Farrell went on to say.

“However I do have some people who would commit these acts for me, some from Vincy, some from Israel, in addition to that I have one from France”.

Farrell went on to state: “I know I sound like a Psychopath eh, it’s because I am”.

As the video approached its climax Farrell said: “ Now there are some people way before the Illuminati little show started, try to mess me up, you people from last year and the year before, I have not forgotten you all, you are all on my hit list”.

In the closing seconds of the video, Farrell gets animated by pointing her index finger to the screen and raised her voice in broken English: “  Me Nah ha-fu talk who ah d trigga man”.

Yugge Farrell appeared before the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court Friday 5th January 2018, charged that on Thursday, January 4 at Granby Street, Kingstown, she did cause a breach of the peace by using abusive language to Karen Duncan- Gonsalves of Prospect, which was “You dirty b**ch.”

Duncan-Gonsalves is a lawyer attached to the Attorney General’s chambers and is the wife of Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves.

Camilo Gonsalves has been at the heart of a  scandal where Farrell has accused him of having a sexual relationship with her.

So far the Minister has not responded to any of the claims made by Farrell.

She was ordered to the Mental Health Centre for a two-week evaluation, on her return to court on 22nd January, she was further sent back for another week of observation by magistrate Rickie Burnett, who needed time to make a determination on a psychiatric report submitted to the court.

Farrell is scheduled to return to the court on the 29th of January 2018.

In August 2017, police said that Farrell was a person of interest in an investigation being carried out by them into the use of an Instagram account.

Posts made from the account contained defamatory comments about several government officials, public figures and members of the public.


    • If this girl is unwell or on meds like they said , and is she is incompetent of representing herself, why are they allowing her on social media until she gets well. I don’t condone any wrong doing that has happen to her cause I don’t know the facts but i listen to one of her social media conversation and it was so disconnected and lack of sense and coordination like that of a kindergarten child i was ashamed

  1. Wow can’t some one help this young lady can’t you all see this young lady is crying out for help when will something be done when it’s too late prevention is better than cure for gods sake please do something before it’s too late

  2. When was this filmed. The post should have a date! As a young girl your entitled to make mistakes. But as a older you should be able to have better judgement.

  3. I strongly believe her presentation could be as a result of the medications she was given. When lay men act as though they have the qualification to treat outside the scope of their practice, this is the end result. Adverse reactions to psychotropic medication can result in a person presenting with psychotic features and behaviors.

  4. If a person say they are Illuminati, is that not a person who sold their soul to the devil? If so what do you expect. The devil is a liar

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