Pastor Who Got 4yrs For Dousing Man With Hot Water Set Free

Pastor Nigel Morgan along with wife Althea who was accused of pouring a kettle of boiling hot water upon Cuthbert Victory from the community of Carriere on April 9th, 2016 at Hopewell was today set free.

The Court heard that on the date in question Victory who usually visits a friend at Hopewell, went to the area and began to play music, it was during such time that an argument developed into an altercation between Victory and Morgan.

His wife and their daughter Krystal who was at the family home, ran outside armed with a kettle of boiling hot water and poured the same upon Victory who was already in a gutter.

He had sustained burns on his body. Morgan today spoke to the media.


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  1. That pastor and wife needs to go and look for that young and take care of him for the rest of his life.
    It’s the Godly thing to do , as minister of the gospel pastor Morgan and wife should have forgiven him and walked away .knowing he needed Christ in his life as Christians we cannot fight against flesh and blood ,it is not scriptural at all .Jesus was beaten He was spat upon along with other ill treatment ,yet He walked away .pastor Morgan and his wife needs to repent of this wickedness cause it should not be a part of Gods people if they had left the young man and went on their way just maybe all of what happened wouldn’t have happened .may God have mercy on their souls .

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