Paralyzed Accident Victim needs help!

Paralyzed Accident Victim needs help!

15,000 USD Medical  Expense Needed for Accident Victim Carlos Trotman Grant  Back Spinal Surgery in Kingstown,  St, Vincent.

On Friday, March 22nd, 2019 Carlos Trotman Grant, was driving his car on his way to work when suddenly he tried avoiding an oncoming car heading into his direction. He quickly sways away and loses control, plunging over a cliff down a precipice.

Fortunately, Carlos survived the horrific car crash and taken to Kingstown General Hospital, in the capital of the Caribbean Island, of Saint Vicent and the Grenadines. Upon arrival, Carlos quickly found out that the hospital cannot provide him a spinal back surgery.

Over a month now, Carlos is laying flat on a hospital bed in pampers unable to help himself suffering from back injuries and enable to provide Carlos with the help he needs at a private clinic the family needs to have USD15000 down payment to fund his medical bill.

Please join the rest of his family and me in raising funds to help Carlos with a second chance of life. So he can regain some normalcy to provide for his three children.

On behalf of the Trotman family, we sincerely thank all for your intended generous donation. All times Carlos healing journey will be communicated shortly.

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