Over 6000 Employed In Christmas Road Cleaning Program

The annual Christmas road cleaning program began on Monday 26th November 2018, throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Minister of Transport and Works Julian Francis said the program which is carried out quarterly, will see some 500 gangs spread across the county.

The minister noted that the Program being carried out by The Roads, Buildings and General Services Authority, BRAGSA, will employ six thousand eight hundred persons during the cleanup period.

Francis said individuals employed with the program would be paid in time for the Christmas holidays.

Some 3 Million EC dollars would be expended on the program, this year.


  1. This is economic planning at its best “Six thousand eight hundred persons” employed on road cleaning for the Christmas period, and this is because they do not need to work, for the rest of the year! Very prudent employment of the country’s workforce. Wonderful!

  2. 3 million for 6800 persons. Wow. Less than $450 each for about 8 or so days of work. That’s a hard one. I say no more.

  3. A Question needs to be ask, are these 6800 persons who are earning just $450 each, for about 8 or so days out of the year, otherwise out of work? If so what does this tell us about the state of unemployment and incomes here, supporting and bringing up a family?

    Some serious salt sucking going on Muse dread!

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