Over 3000 Employed In Ongoing Road Cleaning Program

An extensive school repair program is currently ongoing throughout the state of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Prime Minister Gonsalves speaking on Star FM on Tuesday 14th August said, when he returned from Japan there was an additional document for further funds for more repairs.

Gonsalves said the work is ongoing with BRAGSA handling the repairs.

He further stated that some $2Million dollars is now being expended on the annual summer road cleaning program.

Gonsalves said some 3500 persons are currently employed with the program, and arrangements have already been made for individuals to be paid on time.

He said this is important since this is the time students would be going back to school.

Gonsalves also told the radio audience that there are a number of positions to be filled within the public service and that is being dealt with expeditiously.

He said there is also a recruitment drive ongoing for teachers.

Gonsalves noted he would be meeting with the Director of the NIS and persons within the student loan company; this he said is to see how much finance can be obtained for the student loan company.

He said the money would be lent to economically disadvantaged students who are pursuing a university education.

Gonsalves said he anticipates over 100 students would be receiving assistance this year.

“I was told some 350 students applied for the tuition scholarships, these are students who study mainly in the Caribbean”, Gonsalves said.

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