Opposition Suggest Apartment Buildings To Fix Kingstown Traffic Issue

St Vincent’s main Opposition party the NDP has proposed through its leader a measure to fix the traffic issues in Kingstown.

The flood of vehicles entering the city mainly driven by working-class families and young professionals are now becoming an issue at peak hours according to many.

Leader of the Opposition Dr Godwin Friday told Dwight “Bing”  Joseph on Boom Fm that there is a need for improvement to the traffic flow into Kingstown.

“ Let me give you one example of a Small thing that can be done that does not require constructing new roads, we need to have more people living in Kingstown, that is going to do two things”.

“ You need to have more people living in Kingstown just for the health of the city, meaning a healthy city is alive even after working hours, you can make affordable housing in Kingstown, like where old JUC building is you construct a three-level building there”.

Joesph told Friday the city is already congested, Friday said Kingstown would not be congested if you used the space properly.

The Opposition leader said with such development you can have one and two bedroom apartments to accommodate young professionals.

Friday told Joesph its a start if you can take a hundred cars off the road in the morning.


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