Omni Bus Owners In Green Hill Withdraw Service

The owners of eight omni buses that ply the Green Hill – Kingstown route told News784 that the service would be disrupted beginning Monday 8th October 2018, until their concerns are addresses.

Omni Bus owner Demiron Samuel told News784 that owners have decide to withdraw their service due bad road conditions from Green Hill to Lodge Village.

Samuel told News784 that vehicles parts are getting more expensive and occurring further damage to their investment would not be worth it.

He told News784 they had written to the Minister of Transport Senator Julian François about the matter, and this Monday would mark the beginning of the third week without a response.

Samuel said they will continue to withdraw service until an acknowledgement is not only received, but one which responds to the concerns expressed.

He said while commuters are being placed at a disadvantage, the majority agree with their actions, stating that they also have been calling for the road to be fixed.

Samuel said he is not aware if there is a mini bus association at present, hence the withdrawing of service is a collective one by owners of the omni buses in the area.

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