Numerous Benefits From AIA Says Director

Director Corsel Robertson.Photo Credit Lance Neverson

Director of airports Corsel Robertson said that after one year of operation at the Argyle International Airport she is pleased to report that Vincentians have an opportunity here that would not have been possible without the current infrastructure.

She said that not single flight has been canceled at AIA because of the airport.

The director on Saturday night outlined a number of benefits that have been brought about by the new facility.

Listen Below.


  1. The main promised benefit, namely tens of thousands more wealthy foreign tourists, has not come and would never come.

    • I’m waiting for the day when your vibes would proclaim honesty, time is short but as the saying goes ‘never say never’

  2. Rome was not built in a Day , it is therefore exceedingly unreasonable that in its first year of operation , the AIA
    would magically have thousands of Tourists to SVG .
    Interestingly , had the NDP have on its agenda an International Airport during its 17 years of being the Government of SVG , by now there would be thousands of Tourists in SVG .
    Sadly that apparently was not one of the NDP priorities , the small Airport in Bequia , however was one of its priorities so that Airport was built , never mind the fact that it could not accommodate large Jet Planes .
    However my Good Friend , C.ben-David does not mention what I have stated above , he relishes being the Nabob of Negativism . Progress will come to mainland SVG , but it will not be overnight .

  3. Actually, it took 1,009,491 days to build Rome which works out to 276 years. This means that you and your Comrade will be very old indeed before AIA sees the arrival of thousands of more foreign tourists.
    Maybe you should have said instead that Noah didn’t build the ark in a day. Still, Bible scholars estimate that it took Noah at least 55 years to build the ark which is also a long time for us to wait to become rich from the tourist trade.
    But there is a fly in the ointment here too: some of the poorest countries in the world also have very large tourist industries but are still poor because (1) tourism offers mainly low end, low pay jobs and (2) most of the earnings from large-scale tourism go back to their overseas developers.

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