Nineteen (19) youth who completed the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission’s myApp summer program are now better equipped to code and build apps following their graduation from the programme last Friday, 10th August, 2018 at the Bequia Community High School.

Valedictorian, Eli Davis, extended thanks to the NTRC for hosting such a “wonderful and productive programme”.  Davis added that the programme provided a chance for them to reach out to new technological opportunities.  He urged the other participants to say a special thank you to their parents for granting consent for them to attend.

Another participant, Anthony Corea, said he is happy for the opportunity to learn app creation.  Corea, like the other participants, did not have any previous knowledge but he embraced the idea when he was given a registration form.  The fifth form student wished the programme could have lasted longer.  During the programme, Corea developed an app to quiz user’s knowledge on different types of drugs.

The NTRC’s Director, Mr. Apollo Knights, said he is pleased with the level of enthusiasm of the participants.  This is one way that the Caribbean can compete on the world stage in technological development, Knights added.  He recalled a recent interaction with a parent whose child competed in their I Squared competition.

According to Knights, the mother thanked him for creating the competition and that her daughter benefitted greatly from the exposure.  The said daughter is a recipient of a ROC (Taiwan) scholarship and will further her studies in Information Technology.  Knights disclosed that experiences like this one continue to inspire him and tells him their programmes are making an impact.

The NTRC’s Cyron Cyrus was the main instructor of the myApp summer program with assistance from NTRC’s SET intern, Ms. Ronika Boyd.  The theme for this year’s summer programme was “Think it. Code it. Build it.”  Flow, Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Digicel, and Jack’s Beach Bar were the main sponsors of the myApp summer program.  Last year, the NTRC held their myApp summer program in Petit Bordel.