Colin is clearly “unqualified” for the job Says CandyMan

Shevrell "Candyman" Mcmillan

It was Maurice Saatchi who said,  “Politics is not for the faint of heart”.

With Colin Graham’s baptism of fire into politics by Prime Minister Gonsalves on Monday, a radio announcer has now added his voice to the debate.

Shevrell “Candyman” McMillan of X104FM on Wednesday said,  Graham, “is clearly unqualified for the job”.

“Could you imagine a man says am looking down on people who are uneducated and poor because I question Colin’s ability to do the job, the point is, he is just not qualified for the job”.

“let’s say, for instance; you get on a liat aircraft going to Trinidad, they announce the pilot is a gardener who was never trained or have flight experience, would you stay on that plane”.

Mc Millian said that no one would take their family on that trip, further stating that it does not mean you are looking done on the Gardner, it’s just a matter of looking out for yourself.

“So you know what,  all those people we train to be nurses, let’s throw away nursing school, because that is looking down on people, all the teachers, who attend training, lets do away with the college, we don’t need that anymore, because that is looking down on people, its bias and most elite”.

The radio host said persons must have some training that shows they are ready, that they have some background in the job, they wish to take on.

This is how things work in the real world, the host of the Wake-Up Call Morning show opined.

“Any time you apply for a job, you must prove that you can handle that job, and this is not about Camilo, if Camilo is your representative and you find he is not doing a good job, you have a right to elect somebody else”.

“If you go to a doctor with a condition and he does everything and the condition not going away, you will not go to the boys on the block; you will go to another doctor”.

“My point is,  if you want to remove Camilo, look for another person who will be a suitable area rep, or minister of government, not a boy on the block”.

McMillian said when Trump was contesting in 2016, persons said that Trump would be right because of his lack of experience.

“Remember we thought how dumb those persons were for saying that, even when Obama came out and said this man is not qualified to be president, and some said he was elitist, you are looking down on the man”.

All you need to do is take a look at the Trump presidency and see how it’s working out. You don’t give someone a job because you like them, Mc Millian said.

“I like Colin, but you won’t let an ordinary man operate on you because you like him, he has to be qualified”.

So far, Graham has not responded to the baptisms, the constant ducking he has received will do one of two things, either take him through the pearly gates, thereby entering the promised land, or, through the gates of hell, to be extinguished from the political landscape altogether.

Graham was selected by the NDP West Saint Geroge constituency council to represent the party in the next general elections; his election must be ratified by the party’s Central Committee.

By Ernesto Cooke


  1. It’s terrible when people who cannot think for themselves are influenced by the misinformation that comes from the mouth of our Prime Minister. There is no such thing as a degree in “Political Representative”. So, what are the qualifications needed? James Mitchell was an agronomist but was in office for 17 years. Ronald Regan was an actor before becoming Governor of California. Clint Eastwood was and may still be a Mayor. The list is endless!

    These people should engage their brains before speaking. As far as I am concerned to be qualified as a representative the individual should care about the country and its people. They can be a teacher or a housewife as far as I am concerned. To be qualified to become PM the individual must care about the country even more than they do about their friends and family. If they do not they should not be in office. How does this fit with our PM who puts his friends, family members and biggest supporters in the highest positions. Too many in high positions are corrupt, greedy, cunning and care more about themselves, the party or power than the country or its people. I think Gonsalves and his supporters need to get their priorities straight before they sit on their high horse and open their mouths to criticize others. Or the rest of us should pay no attention to what they say, except for comic entertainment on seeing how they seek to control what we should want or not want.
    I wonder why our PM so much wants this man to not run for representative….maybe because he is very skilled at speaking and challenges the Boy Wonder, (a brilliant title for Camillo I borrowed from Patrick Ferrari).

    • You hit the nail exactly upon its’ head, Mr. Borg. Candy man, obviously doesn’t understand how to use analogies in their appropriate context and furthermore must have had his eyes and ears closed concerning the present administration and its’ appointments of various individuals of thugs and thieves;therefore, his answer is quite meaningless and, again, I state onward, upward and congratulations to Mr. Graham for having the courage to join the NDP team in order to bring about a desperately needed change in SVG- One Nation, One People, One Vincy👍👍

    • Yes! I mentioned the same question early on another blog. Why does the PM have so much interest in seeing that Colin does not run in the election? Vincentians don’t think, according to the PM, they dont read.The PM is showing his fears. In other words, he fraid Colin go beat his son a** in the election.

  2. Shevrel Candyman Mc Millan, you are a HATER!Typical plantation field slave who don’t want to see another slave rise up. FIRE!

  3. Candyman is a c**t and a political ass licker, plain and simple. He has been baptized in the furnace of ULP’s political rhetoric and dishonesty.

  4. How many “politicias” are trained in politics? How many ministers have training in the areas that correspond to the ministries under their portfolio. This is ridiculous!!! How many of us are trained in radio and broadcasting to be on air!!!! Weak argument!!#

  5. I would like to give my opinion on this matter, nothing to do with Mr Graham qualifications, but more of the NDP’s stupidness, the boy wonder got the most votes in the last election, and is Colin Graham the NDP’s best choice to unseat him. That is likely sending a tailor to make a pant with a hammer

    • Boy wonder got thief votes to win. Boy wonder who called Vincentian women 3 for 10. Yes, boy wonder. No wonder the country is in so much mess. The blind leading the blind because the blind made the blind deaf, and stupid.

  6. Dear Lawson Allick, past performance does not guarantee future success! The NDP thinks that they could unseat the sitting MP in that seat and that is fine. That is what Politics is all about.

    However, there is a sense of arrogance on the part of those who would have it that there should be no challenge at all to the “Boy Wonder” or that any who dare to make such a challenge, is entirely unfit for office.

    What twaddle! Balderdash, we as Vincentian voters are required to send a person who represents us to Parliament and who we expect to make decisions on our behalf and in our best interest. That’s all! Not just endorse awarded privileges!

    Who would be best qualified to make those decisions on our behalf if it is not one of us? We most certainly could do no worst than what we have done at the moment! The existing crop of ruling politicians have not worked to our better, as the evidence clearly shows, that is unless one refuses to acknowledge such or one is just plainly blind to glaring facts.

    Foreigners have had the best benefits out of S.V.G during this lot’s term in Office, while we have found ourselves begging the world over for economic support.

    What a tragedy! What a shame! Ruled over by a Neo-Colonialist, ignored as individuals, ruled through tyranny, nepotism and smoke and mirrors. In other words, ruled through despotism and lies! Can we do any worst dear Lawson Allick?

    This much I may add, dear Lawson, all Dictators they meant well at the start of their reign but in the end, they meet their ends very sadly and very brutally. They were all killed by their own people.

    Now ask yourself why dear Lawson Allick! Further, ask yourself is there a place in SVG for the crowning of “the Boy Wonder”?

    Why must the descendants of Slaves anoint one over them who is steeped in privileges? Must we the dispossessed continue to delude ourselves as to what true freedom is?

  7. Collin may be judged by his contrite spirit,his willingness to acknowledge his past mistakes and his commitment to mend his ways- and move forward in faith, like David ( a man after God’s own heart). As a leader, his capacity to inspire and motivate others to righteousness, self-sufficiency,and productivity are some important attributes that gives him an advantage. His capacity to identify with young people makes him very influential. Having a good heart, being widely read and surrounding oneself with adequate technocrats are hallmarks of good leaders.

    • Yes, all good but it seems today that to be a politician you have to be a great big liar, corrupt, self-centered, dishonest, power- and sex-hungry, put the interests of the party before the interests of the country, etc… That is what makes a successful politician these days. Just look at SVG. If you do not have these traits you have to at least ride on the coat-tail of someone who does.

    • While I do agree with the arguments made, we need not overlook the value of being informed,and intellectually curious; to be able to think,and act to manifest strategic decision making. A case study of the Tourism Industry: It seems as if it is only viewed as a sector that impacts the island’s GDP, but continue lack strategic decision making, thus bringing about outcomes that are consistent with such a limited posture. I say that to say: from a marketing standpoint, the island as a whole has to viewed as a brand; the aspects of the offer,has to be dissected in order to come up with aligned messaging… Messr McKie et al seem lost… Why? He does not have a background in marketing/branding!

  8. Borg my dear, we have the keys in our own hand to change all that you have expressed as the poor qualities necessary to be today’s politician.

    However, it does not have to be that way as you expressed always! Our forebears suffered the abuse and lies of the vile and immorally corrupt Slavers but we today have it in our hands today to take charge of our destiny and do better than they could.

    The system remains that of one “one man one vote”! Although amoral individuals may corrupt the process with their wads of cash, sheets of Lumber, sheets of Galvanise and sacks of Cement together with spurious job offers.

    Nevertheless, it is incumbent upon us who value the nation, our freedom too and moral rectitude, to work to promote change among our poor masses whom they bribe.

    Commence today dear Borg, for every journey begins with the first step and this we do know for sure, that God is on the side of the just!

  9. Colin was eating & drinking from the ULP trough. When he could no longer get his way he jumped ship. The NDP must avoid people like this. Colin tries to rationalize issues, generally from an emotional perspective rather than using tact, logic & commonsense. If ULP say the man not qualify, then logically, the NDP should look for persons from the ULP with similar standing & make a comparison. Who normally strategized for the NPD, I wonder?

  10. One hopes that we do get more input from you Riijord Gumbs. SVG could do with much more of your presumed learning, no matter which side of the debate or arguments you take.

    We in future could only be the better for positive exchanges!

  11. Candy man a them is boot lickers them empty like Ralph that’s why they will talk like that all man who still a accept Ralph i don’t even see them a human being what the hell them be I don’t know

  12. Granny say theif never love to see theif with long bag…. Look who’s talking.??? The Prime Minister constantly asked for young people to elevate themselves. And so another youth on the rise. And where r u

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