No War Over Fisherman’s Day venue

There was much tension in the build up towards Fisherman’s Day 2019, as the event was relocated from Calliaqua to Kingstown. The day saw two activities being held, Fisherman’s Day in Kingstown and a Fish Fest in Calliaqua.

The Minister in an interview today, noted that, “the massive turnout to both events shows that there is an appetite for even more homegrown celebrations emerging from the month of fisheries activities.” He chided the organizers, for not ensuring that the Grenadines fishers were included in the competition on Fisherman’s Day.

“Just like it is done on National Heroes day, after the central morning event, persons go into various communities like Fancy, Greiggs, North Leeward and elsewhere to continue the celebration, with the growth in the Fisheries sector, more areas will wish to host events,” Caesar told the news.

One model which has been advanced for the 2020 celebrations of Fisherman’s Day, is to open all fisheries centres in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for fish landing in the Fisherman’s Day competition.

The Fisheries Division will have official judges at each centre. Communities will be mobilized to have events, culminating in a massive fish sale at the end of competition.

 The prizes it is proposed should then be distributed the following Friday, where speeches will be delivered at a gathering of fishers from around the country.

For many years, the government has called for the private sector to invest in a Barbados “Oistins Fish Fry” type nightly activity.

The Minister of Fisheries is optimisitic that with the growth in both tourism and fisheries that this may take place in the not too distant future and pledged the support of the Department of Fisheries. SVG will celebrate 45 years of Fisherman’s Day activities in 2020.

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