“No Moral Position, Only A Financial Consideration” Sir James

(By Ernesto Cooke) – “I have always been on the side of the oppressed”, so says former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell.

Mitchell was speaking on Boom FM Wednesday 10th October about his recent trip to China, where he attended the InterAction Council meeting.

At the session, Sir James said he told the gathering of former world leaders that SVG is not united on the issue of Venezuela.

“I drafted a statement which I presented at that meeting, it called for the restoration of democracy in Venezuela, former heads agreed that something must be done”.

Sir James said SVG sided with Venezuela at the last OAS meeting, he said such sentiments were also expressed by former Bolivian leader Eduardo Rodríguez.

“He turned to me and said, a government not signing the petition does not mean total representation in a country”.

In May of 2018 the OAS Secretary General urged members to sign a petition to act, so that the rule of law and democracy be returned to Venezuela.

Sir James said sooner or later the regime in Venezuela will collapse and those who would like to see change will be on the right side of history.

“I would not like to live the last days of my life in silence when I see something that is going wrong, should i be silent, or should I speak out where I see something going wrong”.

Sir James said Venezuela’s help to SVG goes a long way back to the days when Colin Tennant had financial problems in Mustique, it was rich Venezuelans that help him, said Sir James

“What I am saying, is that I appreciate the help, we all do, but cannot ignore someone who is torturing their own brothers and sisters because they had help you in the past”.

Sir James says he will remain passionate about helping the oppressed, and SVG will benefit in the long run, more than the short term gains we are having as a nation now.

Sir James said the Gonsalves regime has no moral authority in their position on Venezuela, what they do have he says is a financial consideration.

“Are we so greedy to watch a government make at least 2 Million of its people run because of no economic means to survive, because we get a few dollars, what is it?  we have no conscience”.

The Former Prime Minister said we need to have a broader perspective, and our position must show that we are acting in the Venezuelans best interest.


  1. Marxism is not, nor ever was, a moral ideology. It has always been and is, the thoughts of an immoral old man Karl Marx, who had lived off his friend Friedrich Engels, a journalist and businessman whose father was the owner of a large textile factory in Salford, England at the time of Karl Marx writing his foolishness.
    What we now have in our Prime Minister, is like ideology in the Venezuelan leader, Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela. The question for us as a nation at this moment in time is this, will enough people here recognise folly, when todays Venezuela is tomorrow’s St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as dogma trumps and replaces morality.

    • In my University days I was fascinated by Socialism and Communism. Not because I thought it was great, but because it existed in the first place. Communism is obviously total stupidity and any leader that thinks it could work is obviously either stupid or corrupt but most certainly an elitist; because it champions egalitarianism for all except for themselves and their circle. In that respect it is like Liberalism. When you stop and look, it is so easy to see how many of these socio-financial systems are very similar but proclaim to be very different. It has been said and repeated many times that when Fascism comes to America it will come in the form of Liberalism. It can also be noticed that almost all Fascists have been Socialists, starting with Mussolini and Hitler. Adolph Hitler’s “National Socialists Party” created many socialist benefits in Germany that still exist today. Germany does very well now because it has a system that can be described as “Socialist Services”. Although some of the elements of the Germany System would do very well in SVG, the system itself would be a total failure for many other reasons….sadly!
      Venezuela is a total mess! The meddling of the USA is only a very small part of their problem. The biggest problem is obviously the system. Socialism generally rewards sloth and laziness and punishes productivity. In SVG as long as we continue to hand out rewards, such as building supplies, privilege, etc.., for votes and support, it will not make things better here. At this point I must add that we do however still have some Freedom of Speech in SVG, (unlike many of these failing countries such as Venezuela and the USA), although it is VERY narrow with the very terrible Libel Laws we have in SVG. I am able to criticize the Government here and now only because I am not employed by the Government or in a powerful position in society, otherwise bad things would be happening to me for being critical. With all his faults and terrible economic philosophy Gonsalves is not nearly as bad as what the system in Venezuela causes Maduro to be. As it has been stated, Venezuela should be the wealthiest most powerful nation on earth because it has the greatest resources on earth. Their system makes them a basket-case.
      Very good insight James H. I do not always agree with everything you write, but you should be read by our policy makers. I agree with much of our Prime Minister’s Foreign Policy but our relationship with Venezuela should not be based on ideology but possibly only financial, as long as it cannot hurt us in the end. I always read, enjoy and learn from your comments especially since you believe in incentive-driven economics. Our present system in SVG and much of the Caribbean, is based on extreme greed of the government as they continue to tax as much as they can get away with. It is as if they are trying to keep investment out of the country.
      If our Prime Minister and others are so smart, why do we have such as bad system that is based on foreign entities and expats sending tons of money into the country to keep the government and the populace alive? If I were in the top leadership position I would be working for a situation where We would be sending money out of the country instead of 80% of the economy being dependent on various forms of charity to exist.
      Like Venezuela our system makes poverty inevitable and prosperity impossible. What if we were forced to take care of ourselves without all the charity and loans?

  2. What is exactly your point James Mitchell?
    Yes. I agree that it is an absolute terrible situation in Venezuela.
    I agree that some people in St. Vincent and the Grenadines have failed and or neglected to connect the dots.
    My question is simply this: What does Hans Neumann have to do with the current situation in Venezuela?
    Did Hans Neumann Make political contributions to your cause?
    Why don’t speak to the real issues of Mustique?
    How many favours have you been granted by Ralph?
    The system is locked-down by the political elites such yourself and Ralph for your continued benefits.
    Do you belong to the same brotherhood?
    Ricardo Francis, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in Waiting and in the Making.

  3. Sir James like many is totally unfamiliar and uninformed about the real causes of the crisis in Venezuela, and because of that, should not open his mouth and speak on this matter. Sir James please take Dougie’s advice… enjoy your retirement from politics and go relax yourself.
    On the other hand James H is his usual foolish anti-Marx, pro-capitalist, imperialist loving running dog self, so he has good reasons to fear and continue with his best or rather worst efforts, to slander the greatest ever 21 century messiah ,the revolutionary working class savior Karl Marx. Those of us who know better, just roll over and laugh at this ill-informed oppressor loving buffoon named James H.

  4. When it comes to diplomacy and foreign policy, a leader must have a tempered spirit. A leader’s political philosophy should not interfere with the economic and social wellbeing of the citizenry, nor should it be of paramount importance or the sole projection of its foreign policy on the world’s stage. The people and country come first.
    Roseau, St. John and Kingstown benefitted tremendously from Petro Caribe and a vote at the OAS for non-intervention in the affairs of Venezuela does not surprise anyone. However, what is most disturbing is the failure of the three regimes to denounce the atrocities in Venezuela. Yes, a vote for non-intervention in the national affairs of countries in the West Hemisphere by any imperialist is understood, but failure to address the political and economic maladies is another. At no time our PM addresses the Venezuelan situation on humanitarian terms. Our PM looks at this issue from a purely ideological and political point of view. In this scenario, the diplomatic thing to do was to vote for non-intervention and address the problems on a public platform or to do what Grenada and St. Lucia had done. There is no public chastisement that backdoor diplomacy cannot fix.
    A visa waiver requirement for Vincentian nationals to Russia is supposed to be big news and Vincentians having to travel to Barbados to renew visas is not a big deal. This is pure political bantering and no display of humanity with regards to the people having to travel to Barbados. How many barrels came from Russia to SVG last year? What about remittances from Russia to SVG?

  5. I refer Vinciman to the entire article written here by Duke DeArment, our fellow contributor, and these following quotes of his, and ask Vinciman to list here for us, if he will, Karl Marx’s and Marxism pertinent success if any, and the countries that have triumph in prosperity, with such an ideology.
    notable are these quotes of DeArment “Communism is obviously total stupidity and any leader that thinks it could work is obviously either stupid or corrupt but most certainly an elitist:” “Socialism generally rewards sloth and laziness and punishes productivity.”
    For me, it is noted that Karl Marx was indeed an immoral bum, just like all those deceitful charlatans, who inevitable hoodwink the poor, with promises that they will somehow be able to have other people’s riches. Something that is indeed quite appealing if one has nothing!
    The sad fact is this that the poor are often very much unlearned and also often form the majority in many countries like SVG, where universal suffrage has been granted.
    Taking leave by this, deceitful charlatans often appeal to the gullibility of the poor, who expect something for nothing, only to be disappointed when that government takes office, as is in the case of Venezuela and in SVG.
    I leave the reader and Vinciman, to look up for themselves as a case study Albania, and its eventual plunge into disaster, after its implementation of Marxism in that small country.
    Albania had prided itself in being “the only true Marxist Country to exist”, and even fell out with the then Soviet Union, with the charge, that the Soviets were not Marxist enough. Well so much for Marxism that only Venezuela and Cuba are its only practitioners with SVG and its leader seeking to follow.

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