No deportation Of Vincentian Arleigh Hector James

Convicted murderer Vincentian Arleigh Hector James, who was released from prison early July after two decades after killing his wife and stepdaughter, is still resident in Barbados.

This was reported in the Barbadian media, despite recent reports that he would be deported to St Vincent where he was born.

Less than 48 hours after his release, the convicted killer Arleigh Hector James return to society was met with much consternation.

Arleigh Hector James
Arleigh Hector James

Gonsalves did not discuss the issue in any detail at the time, saying while he was aware of the case, he had not heard from the authorities in Barbados.

Residents of Newbury, St George, where he previously lived, have made it clear they do not want him back, and made calls for the 59-year-old to be sent back to St Vincent and the Grenadines, where he was born.

PM Gonsalves speaking to the Barbadian Press in July defended Barbados right to deport convicted murderer Arleigh Hector James back to his homeland.

His son 35-year-old son made several pleas for his father not to be deported back to St Vincent, since he was fearful for his father’s life.

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