“No Confidence Motion Fundamental To Democracy”

Former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell said that a motion of no confidence speaks to our democracy, and should not be brushed aside.

James was speaking on OMG morning show on Boom Fm earlier this week.

James said he was involved in the creation of section 47, which was done during the statehood conference in London.

Sir James says a motion of no confidence is fundamental to our democracy and the parliament has special provisions to make rules dealing with no confidence motions.

However, he says parliament never made any rules and as such the only guide is the STATUTORY RULES AND ORDERS, which are rules that govern operations of the house, and operations of all parliaments throughout the commonwealth.

Listen to Sir James speak on section 47.


  1. Unfortunately we have a Prime Minister that hates Democratic Principles. He learned that after the Referendum. That is why there was no referendum before the dictatorial Cyber Crime Bill. That is why the No-confidence vote was illegally turned into a “confidence” vote.

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