New Prices For Gasoline & Diesel As Of Monday 13th August 2018

Changes in the Prices of Petroleum Products

In exercise of the powers conferred by the Price and Distribution of Goods Act (CAP 161), Cabinet has granted approval for changes to be made to the wholesale and retail prices for Gasoline, Diesel and Low-Sulphur Diesel effective Monday, 13th August, 2018, as detailed below.


Petroleum Products Wholesale Prices
(per gallon)
Retail Prices
(per gallon)
Current Suggested Changes Current Suggested Changes
Gasoline 11.85 12.29 0.44 12.55 12.99 0.44
Diesel 9.94 10.37 0.43 10.55 10.98 0.43
Low-Sulphur Diesel 10.58 10.39 (0.19) 11.19 11.00 (0.19)


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