New locally Owned Tourism Platform For St Vincent

Cenus Hinds Continues His Tech Success

In January 2019, a new tourism platform called “The Cariway” was put into beta/testing phase. The website ( allows local tour operators and anyone interested in making extra money within the tourism sector, the opportunity to place their offerings on a very attractive website, receive online bookings, reviews and feedback.

After traveling the Caribbean and Latin America within the last 5 or so years, I’ve come to realize how lacking the tourism sector within most countries are. It was never a case of ‘there is no tourism sector’ but rather, the websites and online presence of existing tour operators were simply lacking or outdated and there were very little encouraging factors for the younger generation to get involved in tourism.

Cariway changes that by offering a very attractive website where all tours can be hosted. Anyone can sign up as a host and post tours/experiences on the website, which goes through a review stage before becoming publicly accessible by anyone.

Since starting Cariway, I’ve focused on local tourism, where, I offer experiences to locals at rates that locals would jump at, and they’ve been doing just that. Initially, I didn’t plan on having Cariway itself offer dedicated tours and experiences, but it became clear that I had to do so in order to get things started, and so, we’ve been offering beach rentals and kayaking experiences to locals which everyone loves (over 20 5-star reviews on Google Maps)

In an effort to allow locals the opportunities usually easily accessible to tourists, Cariway is hosting a series of events this Summer dubbed “Yurumei Summer Adventures 2019” where locals can take part in hiking, kayaking and cruise events aimed at allowing them to truly experience their country.