New Education Campus To Be Built On Canouan

The island of Canouan will soon have a new educational complex this according to Education Minister St Clair Prince.

Prince said that design works for the facility has been done and submitted to government, he said certain aspects of the work did not find favor with the government hence the delayed start.

“For instance, we rejected the idea of a private school in the same compound with the facility, a private preschool on government property did not find favor with government either”.

Prince said following further negotiations they agreed that the public education campus would be built in the vicinity of the Canouan primary school.

The Education minister said it would comprised a primary and secondary school for a total of 400 students.

Prince said the campus would include an IT Lab, a Science Lab, a Library and an Auditorium.

He further stated that no private school would be constructed in the area, students from Pelican School will be allowed to complete the school year on the campus.

Prince said the campus would be opened after school hours and on Saturdays to allow for extra curricular activities, along with access to the library and other facilities for adult and continuing education.

The Minister said he has been advised that construction would begin as soon as planning permission is granted before the end of 2018.