The issue of crime and violence, now more than ever, has become a staple of our daily lives. Members of the Media, your profession place you in a unique position to recognise the extent of the problem that St. Vincent and the Grenadines now faces with regards to this dilemma.

 It is apparent that crime and violence is indeed the only constant on the various radio stations and in the print media, leaving no doubt that we are in a crisis.

The Vincentian people are questioning the capacity of the security forces to properly address this scourge. People have become so disenchanted with the Justice system that some communities have started dispensing vigilante-style justice.

Added to this the IMF has stated in a report that the unemployment rate among young people here in SVG is at 46%.  This is the same demographic that is heavily represented in the many reports of crime and violence in this country. In all of this the Minister of National security has offered no discernible, acceptable response to this crisis.

The President of the NDP and Leader of the Opposition Dr the Honourable Godwin Friday and the Members of Parliament and other members of the NDP are gravely concerned with this situation.

 Notwithstanding, there seems to be a cross section of Vincentian society who remains doubtful as to the extent of the problem. Therefore, in an effort to raise awareness to this crisis, Dr. Godwin Friday along with members of Parliament and members of the NDP Executive will “Walk for Jobs” and “Walk against crime” from Fitz Hughes to Kingstown on the 8 September and from Georgetown to Kingstown on the 15 September.

Dr. Friday is inviting persons on the route to come out and show their concern by supporting and encouraging the walkers as they pass through their communities.  He is also seeking the media’s support to bring this initiative to the attention of the Vincentian people.


  1. As we go more and more down the road towards the Venezuelan model, what can we expect here in SVG? Certainly not Job creation if we stay on this road. The Venezuelans are loosing what jobs that they once had. And nor can we expect a decrease in violent crimes either, since Venezuelans are also now fleeing in their thousands their situation of hunger, danger and an excessive crime wave in that country!
    So as we struggle to come to terms with our new situation, stranded here in the Caribbean, as a result of the end of overt Slavery, our now burdened with mental slavery,
    ( https://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/specialseries/ )
    and the colonialist retreat from empire, we have to ask ourselves, how on earth do we get out of this unhappy mess. which way forward? How do we change this tide of joblessness, frustration, anomie and despair in our country.

    • We really are in a sad situation. Too bad the present government has chosen to ignore history and instead makes policy that guarantees the loss of jobs and thereby provides fertile ground for crime. Someone once wrote that even the sexual crimes have a little to do with our economics… Well, not much I think but the self-esteem of Vincentians certainly can have something to do with these crimes. Having no job or an inferior job that cannot pay our high Vincentian Prices is definitely not a something to help one’s self esteem.
      Gonsalves has just never understood economics and how society relates to it. You can see this by the way he attacks Godwin Friday for suggesting methods that have proven to work.

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