NDP to hold convention in May 2017

The New Democratic Party  will hold its annual convention in May of 2017,  this following the  last held Convention on Sunday 24th November 2013.

On Sunday 27th November the party held  what it called an extraordinary convention to chose a leader for the party with the resignation of Arnhim Eustace as Opposition Leader and President.

Dr. Godwin Friday MP for Nothern Grenadines is now the Opposition Leader and President, MP St Clair Leacock the only other challenger for President quit ahead of the vote.

Leacock speaking on Sunday said the NDP did to him what the ULP could not, but still pledged to give his support to Dr. Friday.

The Convention in may would be the first with Dr. Godwin Friday as the party leader and also opposition leader.

According to  General Secretary Cruickshank, the party’s constitution states that such a convention must be held 90 days after an extraordinary convention to choose a president.

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