NDP Supporters Commended For Their Behavior During Protest

The St Vincent Opposition party has commended party supporters for their disorderly and unlawful conduct following the dismissal of elections petitions brought to the court by the party.

In a judgment, on Thursday 21st March, Justice Stanley John dismissed the petitions and ruled that Montgomery Daniel and Louis Straker who ran on the Unity Labour Party ticket were validly returned as duly elected representatives in the 2015 elections.

The party leader thanked the police for allowing protesters to express themselves in the manner in which they did, based on the circumstances of the day.

“In a defeated mood on March 21st  day opposition supporters took to the streets of the capital holding up traffic for brief periods at a time.

In a fit of rage, a number of protesters dismantled the barricades erected by the police, in the presence of the leader of the Opposition who apparently tried to restrain supporters, the outcome, however, showed he had little influence on their behavior.

The Commissioner of Police who was on hand was briefly assaulted by about four protesters who pointed their hands into his face while hurling expletives, at the time of such incident the COP was begging protesters to clear the road so as to allow vehicular traffic”.

Friday in his press conference on Thursday morning said the presence of the Police Commissioner was not helpful to the cause.

“And threatening to arrest me while I was guiding the people in keeping the peace does not sit well with our democratic norms”, Friday said.