NDP Suffers Another Defeat In Election Petition Case

The New Democratic Party (NDP) has suffered yet another crushing defeat in their election petition cases filed following the December 2015 general elections.

Justice Esco Henry, on Tuesday, dismissed for the second time another application for disclosure of documents in the election petition cases currently before the court.

The NDP had previously requested that the court allow for the inspection of ballot boxes, a request which was denied in a ruling by Justice Henry. On Tuesday, a further application for specific disclosure of certain election documents was once against shutdown by the trial judge.

The NDP contends that the December 2015 elections in Central Leeward and North Windward were fraught with irregularities, but with limited evidence to support their petitions before the court had sought on previous occassions applications to inspect the ballot boxes in those two constituencies.

Several applications for inspection made before two seperate judges, Justice Cottle and Justice Henry, were denied.

According to some political analysts their failure to provide evidence to support their petitions before the court is a clear indication that the NDP, which has sat on the opposition side of parliament for the last 17 years, is on a fishing expedition with the applications before the court.

The court on Tuesday further ruled that the matter, which is listed for a December 3 hearing will on the same date hear submissions from counsel for Sir Louis Straker and Montgomery Daniel, Attorney Carlos James, on whether the trial dates of December 3rd to 7th should be vacated due to the unavailability of lead counsel Mr. Grahame Bollers who is currently on medical leave.

If the application to vacate the trial dates is granted the petition is likely to be heard in the year 2019, four years since the last general elections.


  1. The NDP is a waste of time and resources. A bunch of aimless idiots with no political savvy whatsoever. A washed up bunch of rejects with no original ideas of their own. I wish they would just go away.

  2. Tricia you are obviously morraly corrupt. There is no doubt a whole chain of election fraud has taken place and the only way to prove that is through inspection of the ballot boes, their contents and all the books relevent to those ballots.

    Looking at ballots is done all over the civilised world, recently in Florida, when huge fraud was found to of taken place. And last week in Jamaica that ordered boxs, ballots and books and registers be handed over for inspection and permission was given to photo copy whatever they want within the documents.

    The ULP have spent millions on attorneys, some from abroad in trying to stop an inspection happening, why do you think that is?

    Regardless of party you support, you should be supporting what is right, your comments put you in the same frame as the ULP purportrators who ever they are, because you are supporting them.

    This has got nothing to do with if you support a party or any of its politicians, this is a matter of knowing right from wrong.

  3. Tricia when you are making such statements of your own as the one that you have just made without any facts outlined , you are just the same as your accusers. You cannot just make a statement without providing the reasons why such statements make intuitive sense. It tells me that the author of such statements are not only shallow on facts but a person not to be taken seriously. Some individuals on these sites they make empty statements that is devoid of not only logics but common sense. Come on Tricia present your facts if there are any.

  4. Amos. When you speak about what happen in Florida, just remember, they went to court and the court said yes! In Saint. Vincent. The NDP KEEP GOING BACK TO COURT FOR THE SAME THING. It’s time for the NDP to let it go and move on. And start planning for the next election! If the NDP have any new ideas how to start building Saint. Vincent. To make it a better place for all Vincentian, this is the time to let us all here it now…..Men are slave to their own appetite. the NDP NEED TO START FOCUS.

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