NDP Petitions Will Be Heard At The Court of Appeal On March 7th

The petitions brought by the NDP surrounding the 2015 General Elections for the constituency of Central Leeward and North Windward, will be heard at the court of appeal St Lucia.

Speaking at the recent convention held by the party, leader Godwin Friday said; “ we have been waiting and waiting for the final resolution on this matter because we are confident we will prevail”.

Friday said they were hopeful that the appeals would have been heard last December, However, they were told it might be heard in January and then in February, finally we have a date he told supporters.

“ We have a date on March the 7th in St Lucia when the appeals will be heard and our lawyers will be there representing our petitions vigorously”.

Friday told supporters he hopes that justice will be done and the people of SVG will soon have a chance at liberation once again.

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