NDP need $20,000 dollars for petitions


Given the recent decision of the High Court of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, granting the petitioners for the NDP the opportunity to have their cases heard.

The party is in need of your immediate financial support. The legal costs are almost prohibitive. Nonetheless, we must march forward with an unshakable determination.

We need to raise about ECS 20,000 by the next hearing on July 12, 2017. This money is specifically to assist in the legal cost of ventilating the issues.

We kindly appeal for your timely, generous donations to assist.

Finally, the truth about the last general elections and specifically the two constituencies in question will be exposed.

We can’t do it without you. Please, any size contribution is greatly appreciated. We must never allow the kinds of dishonesty and skullduggery to permeate our political landscape.

We are too close to victory to allow lack of funding to prevent us from fulfilling our mission. Log onto out website www.ndpsvg.org and PLEASE DONATE TODAY.

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