NCCP Has Placed Young People At The Center Of Its Programs

In her remarks as representative of the NCCP at the handing of new steel pans to Epic Sounds last Friday, Ms. La Teisha Sandy informed the gathering that the NCCP was created to look at the causes of crime and formulate strategies to prevent incidents of crimes.

She stated that since its formation, the NCCP has placed young people at the center of its programs because if the youths of the nation have more positive and productive things to do with their time, this can ensure that they grow up to live crime-free lives.

Ms. Sandy pointed out that one of the issues that her organization has focused on is underage drinking.

According to her, the NCCP embarked on a campaign to educate young people and the populace on a whole about the legislation dealing with underage drinking which stipulates that the legal drinking age is eighteen (18) years.

Ms. Sandy also told the gathering that persons under the age of 18 years should not only refrain from drinking alcohol but should not be selling alcohol or sent to purchase it.

She said that the sensitization drive was well received by the public and many persons were not aware that there is a legal drinking age.

Ms. Sandy also informed the audience that the NCCP is currently running a mascot competition in all of the secondary schools and tertiary institutions to design a mascot to aid the Commission in its crime prevention drive when it goes into the schools.

She lauded the Pan against Crime initiative and stated that after ten (10) years the program is still well respected.