Mustique Charitable Trust awards Four Bursaries at the UWI Open Campus

The Mustique Charitable Trust (MCT) initiated its Bursary Award Programme at the University of the West Indies Open Campus (St. Vincent) back in 2010. The MCT Bursary provides each recipient with 60% of their academic fees along with a laptop.

The following four well deserving students were announced as the MCT Bursary Recipients for the 2019-2020 Academic Year:

Natalia Gill Bachelor of Science: Management Studies-Tourism & Hospitality

Araya Horne Bachelor of Science: International Management

Zaphia Joseph Bachelor of Science: Management Studies-Tourism & Hospitality

Ashene Peters Bachelor of Science: Social Work

The Awards Ceremony was held on Saturday 9th November, 2019. Deborah Dalrymple and Camille Lakhram of UWI Open Campus thanked The Mustique Charitable Trust for their significant contribution towards the academic endeavours of the selected students. Dularie Malcolm of The Mustique Charitable Trust thanked Mrs. Dalrymple, Mrs. Lakhram and UWI Open Campus for their support and dedication to the programme.

She also reinforced to the bursary recipients to utilise the support program at UWI Open Campus when they face challenges. Ikarmola LaBorde, former UWI Open Campus Graduate, Valedictorian and current Entrepreneur, was the featured speaker whose speech was very relevant and relatable to the recipients as she focused on time management and overcoming challenges.

Since 2010, MCT has awarded 3-4 Bursaries each year with 17 MCT Bursary recipients having graduated thus far and receiving seven First Class Degrees, three Upper Second Degrees, six Lower Second Degrees and one Certificate. In addition, there are currently 14 MCT Bursary recipients pursuing studies at UWI Open Campus (St. Vincent).

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  1. Our human resource is one of our greatest resources yet SVG does not have a HR management plan. The future is in ICT yet we have a disproportionate number of persons studying management.UWI Open campus keep offering degrees for the 1900’s while we are living in the 21st century. Why does the UWI open campus offer degrees in ICT, agriculture or science? These three highlighted areas lend themselves to PRODUCTION upon which you can then layer the management and business practices…But SVG has disproportionately too many managers and NOT ENOUGH who know how to producers… It is better to be an unemployed person who can sit at home and use his IT SKILLS to make his own mobile app or video games or use his SKILLS from science to add value to his father’s goat farm by starting a goat cheese manufacturing business. LORD knows SVG needs many more small and medium size businesses that can export something bringing money BACK into SVG.

    BIG up the awardees nonetheless!!

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