MP Cummings “We Were Denied A Children’s Hospital”

Hon Daniel Cummings

MP for West Kingstown Daniel Cummings said a children’s hospital would have been built here in SVG if the government of the day had health care at heart.

“We hear them talking about people coming here to do operations, and glad to do it, thanks to a team of very competent children specialist, who come here from time to time”.

“They can use the arched, shoddy facilities at MCMH to perform very good operations, and we are grateful for that “.

The World Paediatric Mission performs surgeries in St Vincent throughout various times of the year, not only for children in the state but from around the region.

Cummings said what Vincentians don’t know is that they could have had a state of the art Children Hospital in St Vincent if this government wanted it.

Such an institution would have been possible through the Rotary Club as an agency, Cummings stated.

“It would have been where the current Windsor Primary School is located, in that area; the site was approved, this government placed a stop to it”, Cummings said.

In 2006 the production “Tables will turn” by Jems Theatre was held in SVG, the proceeds were donated to the Rotary Club towards the construction of a children hospital in the state.

Following that, in 2008  Vincentian Earl ‘Ole George’ Daniel and his partner, Joel Butcher, walked across Barbados to help raise EC$1 million for a Caribbean Children hospital to be built in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The walk the third in a  series was held under the theme Walking For Life – Let The Children Live, and was organised by the Rotary Club of St Vincent South, in partnership with the Virginia-based International Hospital for Children (IHC).


  1. Author Frank Warren had this to say ” It’s the children the world almost breaks who grow up to save it ”

    And so we hope it will be for our dear children here in SVG, as the near on 18 years of neglect here in their hospital care, have not completely eradicated all of their aspirations, nor decimate our numbers.

    Indeed, our P.M and his ilk loves to be photographed with our little children at their side but the reality of neglected homes and the reported lost of this Hospital, tells another story. The true story of loss, real selfishness, economic incompetence, coupled with the effects of an outdated and bankrupted ideology!

    • Well said! Very good insight James H. Saint Vincent needs a true leader. Gonsalves is a great Party Leader (as far as his total control of the party) but he is a very terrible National Leader. When you become the leader of a nation you have to put the nation before all else at UNITE the country. Those main points seems to have eluded him; along with his very terrible economics it makes him a very terrible National Leader. At least he has left some freedom of speech and does not have firing squads.

    • I think Gonsalves misinforms us on purpose. He has been caught falsifying facts and contradicting himself a number of times. If Cummings has any inaccurate facts it would be because he was himself misinformed, but he would not do so on purpose for political gain like Gonsalves obviously does.

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