Mother Wants Daughter To “Rock That Jail Suit – Pay For Her Actions”

Following a wounding incident in Greiggs on Wednesday night, which left Zannie Charles nursing chop wounds,  Sharlene Rawlins mother of one of the alleged attackers wants her daughter to pay for her actions.

The altercation left the victim with chop wounds to the face, noticeably on the forehead and under the left eye.

In a Facebook post, Miss Rawlins said:

“Dear officers stationed at Biabou police station, in the state of St Vincent and the Grenadines…as a mother of the young lady which is the victim chop attacker, I ask that y’all make a swift arrest on my daughter and others.

“Yes let them spend the weekend possible on the bench, wrong is wrong”‘

“My daughter has no right to follow anyone and chop anybody who didn’t interfere her, I know I’ll get some pass mouth and people will be asking me to go easy cause she’s my child, they must understand I love my children/ daughter but I will not love and encourage, support her wrong, let she rock that jail suit”.

Police are said to be investigating the matter.



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