Mother Needs Help in Locating Missing Daughter

SVG TV is reporting that thirteen-year old Melissa Warren of Rillian Hill is missing. The local media house said the mother is seeking public assistance in locating the missing daughter.

According to the information disseminated by the Television station, Rosita John on Monday said that her daughter has been missing since the end of Carnival.

She further told SVG TV that her daughter went to visit a friend in FairHall following carnival, there has been no word from her since then.

John explained that she is frustrated as she had made continuous visits to the police and other authorities to help locate her daughter without much luck.

Orignal publication and photo credit SVG TV


    • C.ben-David ,
      That is an exceedingly Callous remark from you , and If You are a Man You would immediately Issue an Apology . This matter
      regarding the Plight of this young woman needs to be thoroughly Investigated , starting with the response of the Police Department .

      I am not in SVG , but it may be possible that this Girl may have been kidnapped & spirited out the Country . In SVG there are many Bays that are not guarded by Law Enforcement . So that all sorts of nefarious activities are possible .

      There are also persons with Boats that have very powerful Motors , some of them possibly can out run the Coast Guard Boats .

      The Onus is on the Police Department to seriously investigate this matter , because it does not appear to be trivial .

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