Mopion & Petit Tabac Beaches Among The Caribbean’s Top 50

Mopion, petit tabac

St Vincent’s Mopion and Petit Tabac Beach has been featured in FlightNetwork’s ‘The World’s Best Beaches for 2018’.

The travel site is said to have collected insight from over 1200 journalists, editors, bloggers, and agencies, who know all things travel, to compose the shortlist ‘Central America and the Caribbean’s Top 50 Beaches’, on which Petit Tabac placed # 32 and Mopion # 42.


“For a true getaway, visit the tiny 100 m long Mopion Island, nestled between Union and Petit Saint Vincent in the Grenadines. This idyllic mini-paradise is inhabited by nothing but a single straw parasol. It’s perfect for a day-long escape.

 Bring a book and unwind on your own personal island. Make sure to look up every once and a while and stare out at the expansive blue Caribbean seas. Bring your snorkel and swim around the island to survey the vibrant coral”.

Petit Tabac

“Tucked away in the archipelago of small islands, is this dreamy little-uninhabited island. As you voyage towards this tropical paradise, you’ll see the color grove of palm trees, swaying in the wind.

The contract of blinding white sand and vibrant blue water is striking. Venture out with your snorkel gear and witness the abundance of untouched coral reefs and amazing marine life.

It takes just 20 minutes to walk around the whole island. In that time, you will have seen a medley of sea colors, a spectacle and picture-perfect views”.