August 9, 2020

Mitchell Advises NDP To Get More Female Candidates

What does Dr Godwin Friday have to do to win the next general elections? That was the question pose to former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell by the Wake-up Call host Shevrell  Mcmillan,  on X104fm Thursday morning.

“ Well I would not want to spell out all the strategies that could be used by the NDP, but I will say first of all don’t rush to make a decision that you will regret, be careful with that because political mistakes are unforgiving ”.

“ Secondly the  NDP have to fill those empty seats in parliament, they should be looking for women, nothing is wrong with trying to get  3, 4, 5 women inside the party, because I think with more women involved in the politics of St Vincent that would be a forward step ”.

Mitchell said not just women, but those who are attractive, intelligent, women who have demonstrated their capacity before the citizens of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The former Prime Miniter said that is something he would recommend strongly, and he hopes the party gets the confidence organised and their machinery in place before the next general elections.

The next general elections are expected here in 2020.

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