Minibuses Pulled Off Road, Drivers To Be charged

Two minivans which recently made their grand entry into the world of motorsport via viral videos over the weekend, have been pulled off the track by the Traffic Department.

Senator Julian Francis on Tuesday 7th August said the vans have been pulled off the road and are currently with the police.

Francis also stated that the police will bring charges against the drivers.

He said the new traffic act will involve points system and noted that the drivers will have to be hit where it hurts.

“ I am encouraging more persons to get and give evidence to the police in regards to the reckless behaviour on the road, as it relates to minibus drivers”.

The minister noted that persons of a certain age are afraid to ride these buses, but they have no choice.

Francis said persons have come to him with complaints, various complaints, not only about the speeding but also being verbally abused by these drivers.

“ People are being cursed or threatened to be thrown out of these vans if they simply ask for the music to be turned down, it’s not only young persons riding these vans, the elderly as well, these people don’t have a heart, something will have to be done”, Francis said.

The Minister said he is willing to meet with minibus operators to trash out and curb this deadly and outrageous behaviour on the streets of St Vincent.

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