Meldon Wins EC $24,000.00 In Sol's “Win CASH For A Year” Promotion

SOL EC LTD (Sol) is pleased to announce the GRAND PRIZE WINNERS in its promotion “Win CASH For A Year” which ended on July 27, 2018. The two (2) lucky customers, who purchased XC $40 and more of Sol Go Further gasoline or Sol Go Further diesel, are:

1st place – Meldon Woods of Calliaqua who won XCD$24,000.00 payable over twelve (12) months, while 2nd place was  – Elucia Tannis – Union Level, BEQUIA, who won XC$12,000.00 also payable over twelve (12) months.

Sol would like to congratulate the Grand Prize winners and the 40 weekly winners of XC$100.00 each in free fuel.

We would also like to thank all our customers for taking part in the promotion, making it a huge success and encourage them to continue purchasing Sol Go Further gasoline or Sol Go Further diesel at our Sol branded sites.

Also available is Solgas (cooking gas) at all Sol branded stations.

Week 1: Charles Toby – Diamond; Basil Brackin – Sandy Bay; Jacintha Ollive-Codougan – Keartons; Carlson Nanton – Petit Bordel;Melissia Charles – New Montrose.

Week 2: Douglas Webb – Paget Farm, Bequia; Gawaine Samuel – Calder Ridge; Bradley Bynoe – Green Hill; Kyron Duncan – Buccament; Mechael Lougheed – Dorsetshire Hill.

Week 3: Jeffrey Pierre – Petit Bordel; Stefan Ollivierre – Cedars; Robert Williams – Park Hill; Carl Davis – Richland Park; Felix Velox – Layou.

Week 4: Kyron King – Green Hill; Harvey Farrell – Lowmans Hill; Theophilus Alexander – Rose Hall; Delroy Harry – Vermont Village; Lynette Creese – Fountain/Villa

Week 5: Ephraim Gibson – Dorsetshire Hill; Odelinda Barbour – Fountain; Guillame Collinson – Bequia; Tamara Wilson – Villa; Ansele Creese – Prospect

Week 6: Julian Durrant – Pembroke; Brandt Nichols – La Croix; Gideon John – Diamond; Rudolph Bartholomew – Barrouallie; Garnet Providence – Brighton

Week 7: Dane Jack – Stubbs; Nigel Roberts – Bequia; Lyndyke Williams – Rockies; Dennisford Williams – Ashburton; Kavin Maloney – Mesopotamia.

Week 8: Amal Daniel – Glen; Saskia Scotland – Glamorgan; Grantley Adams – Villa; Cheryl-Ann Ralph – Fair Hall; Shiann Bullock – Ratho Mill.

The Grand Prize draw took take place on Monday, August 06, 2018 at Wilson Enterprises Inc. Service Station, Arnos Vale, at 4:00 pm.

Members of the public were invited to witness the draw, which was overseen by the auditing firm, Grant Thornton.