Man falls from building in Kingstown

Information reaching New784 is that a man fell from a building under construction in Kingstown sometime around 11 am on Tuesday morning.

According to the source, the man whose name is unknown at the time of this publication fell from the top of the building where he was working.

The wall structure now under construction is located at North River Road, not too far from the Victoria Park. News784 is working to ascertain the name of the individual and his status.




    • Even if it is rum or weed or coke. Don’t say that because you don’t have the evidence. Moreover, this is a tragic event. He was born of a mother. At least consider his family and show respect. The world is a village so we are learning from others how to have empathy. A joke is a joke, but not when there is tragedy. He probably should not work in places with great height.

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