Local Donations To MCMH, An Emotional Experience

MCMH Administrator Grace Walters File Photo News784

“It is always our pleasure to receive gifts at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital”.

That is how MCMH Administrator Grace Walters described the recent donations from various business houses in St Vincent on Monday.

Walters said the gifts received from foreign donors are welcomed, but accepting donations from our citizens is an emotional experience.

“ It brings home to us that Vincentians are truly a wonderful people”.

“ For me, it concretes my footsteps on this soil called St Vincent and the Grenadines”.

Walters said that many citizens would like to migrate to foreign lands or greener pastures, but in moments like these, it does not only remind us why we want to be a Vincentian but to be Vincentians living in SVG.

The administrator expresses deep gratitude behalf of the entire staff of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Donations to the institution on Monday came from Flow, Andrews Refrigeration, Singer, Scotiabank and Guardsman.


  1. Of course many citizens would love to migrate to where there is by far a much, much better quality of life to be had Grace, life is too shot to spend it living in a failed state, where the Health Service is so poor. Where the Hospital does not have to depend upon donations from either foreigners or Locals.

    Come on, you are deluding yourself Grace, if you think that there are many like you, who would love to remain in SVG given the chance to go to better climes.

    Why, if the Americans, British or Canadians were to have an open-door policy towards our going to settle there, I can assure you, there won’t be many people remaining here in SVG to attend your Hospital.

    Lets face it Grace, we are a thoroughly failed economy. No other failed economy, that I know of, depends on donations in order to function. Our Government have failed both you and us Grace!

    Say thanks by all means, but we do deserves a much better Health service than the one we now have, keeping in mind the vast amount of Taxes we pay! There again we are fast becoming a failed state too.

  2. You are very confusing with you opinion, first you stated that SVG is a faild state then you stated that they are fastly becoming a fail state, which one is it Mr RIGHT.

  3. Here is a thing Champ, you can decide for yourself if we are a Failed State, nearing a Failed State or whatever and here some on the conditions of a Failed State.

    Normally a Failed State is a Political Body that has so disintegrated that many of the basic things that a Government would normally do no longer function properly, such as conditions where Government failure in its Economic Policies has caused the Nations standard of living to decline. And just look at our condition here in SVG!

    Well we are in SVG are with a Government that is unashamedly begging its way around the world to keep our basic systems such as its Health care, Education and Road system to even function.

    Here we are with a Government that is failing to provide us with even basic security in our homes and in the streets. Lawless gun-toting individuals kill at will, with guns that our Prime Minister tells us he knows where the Guns are coming from, but yet he is nevertheless powerless to do any thing about the killings and the removal of the Guns from the communities.

    Therefore the facts are, our government have lost total control of the use of physical force in the country, as is evident with the loss control of our borders and in our villages, public services are in disarray, hence the Hospital having to rely on public and foreign donations, Roads are having to be built and maintained at donor expense, the tax burden is so crippling that the Government is having difficulty in collecting some of its taxes. Therein are the undeniable facts Champ!

    Therefore, in my opinion there is only one thing outstanding that is keeping us outside of that club of the “Totally Failed States” is this fact, that other states still interact with us.

    So you tell me Champ, are we a Failing State, becoming a Failed State, a Failed State or a Totally Failed State. I have here given you four options! You choose Champ.

  4. James H, can,t you be quiet for a while, you complain and complain and complain, yet you have no solutions to offer. you hate ice-cream and warm water

  5. Here are some solution for you Max, first we rid ourselves of this incompetent Government whose economic policies have ruined us and then take immediate steps towards encouraging a much more favourable business environment in the country.

    Improve policing throughout the country to provide security and take control of our borders. Improve our food security, Reduce the tax burden that is causing so much anguish here. Put a block on all Carpetbaggers entering our country and stop our incessant begging the world over.

    Get rid of the nauseating nepotism and one man rule of SVG, that has destroying the social fabric of our country and return the state to proper accountable Parliamentary Democracy.

    I could go on and on Max, but I am sure that you do not wish me to do so, since you find what I write most annoying and infuriating.

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