Local Donations To MCMH, An Emotional Experience

MCMH Administrator Grace Walters File Photo News784

“It is always our pleasure to receive gifts at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital”.

That is how MCMH Administrator Grace Walters described the recent donations from various business houses in St Vincent on Monday.

Walters said the gifts received from foreign donors are welcomed, but accepting donations from our citizens is an emotional experience.

“ It brings home to us that Vincentians are truly a wonderful people”.

“ For me, it concretes my footsteps on this soil called St Vincent and the Grenadines”.

Walters said that many citizens would like to migrate to foreign lands or greener pastures, but in moments like these, it does not only remind us why we want to be a Vincentian but to be Vincentians living in SVG.

The administrator expresses deep gratitude behalf of the entire staff of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Donations to the institution on Monday came from Flow, Andrews Refrigeration, Singer, Scotiabank and Guardsman.

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  1. You are very confusing with you opinion, first you stated that SVG is a faild state then you stated that they are fastly becoming a fail state, which one is it Mr RIGHT.

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