Licensing System For Private Promoters During Carnival

Private Promoters holding events during the carnival season will have to obtain a license to have such events in the future.

Government Minister Julian Francis says he is not against these events however they benefit greatly from the CDC’s platform and therefore should contribute its coffers.

Francis speaking on Star FM Tuesday 17th July said, he sees the emergence of these public events held by private persons as a growing economic activity, and there should be some form of state compensation.

“There has to be machinery, through CDC where the state is compensated, these shows if properly manage can possibly pay off the over 2 Million dollars the state gives to CDC every year”.

“It Might be an exaggeration, but a lot of money is turned over, I mean I was told a show like H20 had about six-seven thousand persons”.

Francis said when a person is having these shows the tickets must be stamped by the Inland Revenue Department for VAT purposes.

“They declare that these are the tickets that will be sold, however, you have to ask yourself if those tickets are all that is being sold, is their sufficient verification system in place by the government and IRD to ensure on these tickets”.

Francis repeated several times during the program that he does not have a problem with these events; however, a system must be put in place where revenue that is due to the state is paid.

“With all these shows 20 of them or over that, would they flourish if carnival was not put on, these fetes flourish because of carnival, which is government expenditure”.

“Let me raise the question, you present 5000 tickets, but you have a fete where you get 6000 persons and you collect cash at the gate, is there a system in place for the IRD to verify that what happens to the 16 percent vat on those tickets, in some cases a ticket is not issued but a wristband”.

Francis said a policing system will have to be put in place and that is the responsibility of the state.

There ought to be a licensing system with a price tag to it, Minister Francis said.