Leacock Coins New Word For Dictionaries “Dootishism”

Parliamentary representative for Central Kingstown St Clair Leacock whether by design or by chance have created a new word for the Oxford Dictionary.

During his fiery presentation, Leacock coined the word “Dootishism”.

The word became an instant hit on Facebook racking up over 40,000 views within two hours, the video clip is the status for many Vincentians on WhatsApp.

So how did this word come about, Leacock was making a point about the state of the economy quoting from a paper done by two workers within the research department of the ECCB, however the ECCB stated a disclaimer that while they support academic work, it is not an official document of the institution, that was made clear by Hon Camilo Gonsalves.

Following such, there was back and forth exchanges mainly from Senator Carlos James, which would have got Hon Leacock hot under the collar, it was in such moment that he declared;

“ Mr speaker we really have to make a provision in this house for “ Dootishism’, Leacock then withdrew the statement.

Further interruptions led Leacock to point out that if the member had finished his education he would not be making an (ASS) of himself.

Leacock, in turn, withdrew the statement.