Lawyer’s Statement – A Matter To Create Fear And Alarm, Says Gonsalves

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said he was not at the court proceeding of Yugge Farrel on Friday 5th January , however, reading a press report he saw the most damning thing as stated by a defence counsel.

“ What I find troubling was when he said, you send someone to the Mental Hospital you cannot find them”.

“He said there was a gentleman that they sent there, and they could not find him where he was, disappeared”.

Gonsalves said of all what transpired in the court and the report, that was the most disturbing and alarming thing because he knows the backdrop of the law.

“As I usually say, if a Magistrate, Prosecutor or Defence counsel could have done things differently, that’s a matter for debate, and you can have that for as long as you want”.

“But it would be alarming if someone is sent to Mental Health Centre for a report, and then as the defence lawyer said then, according to the report, that the person just disappeared, so naturally, I have not heard anybody talk about that, but am interested in that, that’s most interesting, human beings cannot disappear just like that”.

Gonsalves said he inquired from the relevant authorities, and what he was told was that there was an order for observation, as was done in this particular case.

The psychiatrist had written the report, it had to be typed up on the proper letterhead, but she, this professional had an engagement at the hospital and requested that the report is sent to her for review, have it signed and returned to the magistrate”.

Gonsalves said he was further told that by the time all that was completed the case had been called and there was no report and the person was not there, however not because of such, you ought to assume the person disappeared, Gonsalves lamented.

“Well the person was at the Mental Health Center up to Sunday I was advised”.

Gonsalves said that is a matter to create fear and alarm, whereby somebody can be at the Mental hospital for a report as in the case of this gentleman, and then a lawyer is saying the person “disappeared”, “can’t be found”.

“ If you look at the report I think there is something to that effect”

“ You know the thing about me, Gonsalves said, people want to the salacious, I don’t go there you know, you see where my mind is focused”

I know what the law says, Gonsalves stated. Gonsalves said the government recently spent a lot of money on the Mental Hospital.

“ The truth is we have to as a community of people, as a government, we have to deal with mental health seriously than we currently are.

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  1. The incident with the model has produced overwhelming response from Vincentians on the internet. It shows how the people are disgusted with the way our Prime Minister governs the country. He constantly tells us how great his government is and how he loves the people. Instead of him telling us why doesn’t he show us. He can start by repealing his Cybercrime law that they forced onto us against our wishes. That sort of thing is what dictators do. No one believes their lies anymore so what is the point of him being there. The incident between the Boy Wonder and the model has demonstrated that the dynasty has no respect for the people or justice. The cybercrime law was just one incident where the dynasty has crafted laws to benefit them at the expense of the people and freedom.

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