Lawyer Wants To Know If A Watch List Exist In St Vincent

Lawyer Kay Bacchus-Baptiste says she would like to know if there is a watch list in the country following a brief hold up of public servant Jozette Bibby-Browne at the ET Joshua airport this week.

Pic taken from Brownsugagal jozi facebook profile
Pic taken from Brownsugagal jozi facebook profile

Bacchus-Baptiste said she was informed that immigration officials had made inquiries of Bibby-Browne, who was leaving the country and she wanted to know how her client’s name was placed on a watch list and is seeking to know if the placing on Bibby-Browne’s name was ordered by the court.

Bibby-Browne was last year charged with comments she allegedly placed on her Facebook page. The DPP later dropped all charges, however, it is not clear if it was at that point that her name was placed at the various ports for her not to leave the country.
Neither the immigration department or the judiciary have yet to comment.

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