Lawyer Says Journalist Publication Is “Highly Erroneous”

Statement By Carlos James

An article captioned “Court to hear govt application to delay petitions” published on the website i-Witness News of November 29th, 2018 indicating that I, Carlos James, “wrote to the court” outlining [in detail] the medical condition of a Counsel is highly erroneous.

Save and except that a letter was written to the Registrar of the High Court to request an early date (today) for the hearing of a court matter, at no time did the letter disclose any medical condition regarding a colleague.

I find it most unfortunate that I am quoted as the author of such information in the said article published by i-Witness News. Further, at no point did I have reason to communicate with the publishers and/or editors of i-Witness News regarding same.

In defense of the new agency, Executive Director Kenton Chance in reply stated;

Kenton X. Chance – So wait the place I was today wasn’t a court? And the person who I saw and spoke to in court today wasn’t Carlos James? And what he argued wasn’t the application? What the judge ruled on wasn’t the application then. Or wasn’t she the judge?

Kenton X. Chance – So, then the document to the court lied when it said the counsel had those medical conditions, Carlos?

Carlos James – Kenton X. Chance my brother you indicated I wrote to the court disclosing medical information of a colleague, which I never did. If you are referring to court documents which were filed in Court regarding medical information, which interestingly was never read out in Open Court then that’s another issue!

The question should then be: how did Kenton Chance get hold of Court documents with someone’s medical history before the hearing of the substantive matter?

Further, you will note that at the hearing in Open Court the said documents were never read out or made public. I know for a fact that they were not sourced from the High Court office because the file at all times was in the possession of the Judge.

It is a question of ethics and sensitivity both from the lawyers who leaked the information and from you in the exercise of your judgement in publishing details of someone’s medical illness.

There are persons who assumed I was the source of your information hence my statement on this issue. I hope that clears it up.

Kenton X. Chance – Carlos, interestingly, you know it is a lawyer who leaked the information… Maybe I got it from the person to whom the lawyer leaked it.

It is not clear if the lawyer intends to take any action against the journalist, the lawyer was not available for comments.

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  1. It looks to me like Carlos James was caught being a politician/lawyer and Kenton Chance did a good job of doing what reporters are supposed to do, provide accurate information.
    I also have to congratulate to editor of this site for the good information provided. Politicians are nothing more than professional liars, some more than others. They will do anything to save their skins, and lying is the method of choice for nearly all of them. Carlos James is “in-training” from the ULP master of lies and deceptions.

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