KPMG To Host Third Annual Cyber Day Initiative

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KPMG in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean to host third annual KPMG Cyber Day initiative in schools during International Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Cyber Security professionals will once again be going into their communities and hosting cybersecurity educational sessions for students as part of KPMG’s annual Cyber Day initiative.

More than 50 countries and territories, in addition to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, will participate in the initiative this year.

KPMG spokespeople will seek to address the following:

  • The top three things young people need to know about cyber security.
  • The cyber safety tips every parent should know and how they can help protect their children online.
  • The role that cyber security plays in KPMG firms’ commitment to citizenship and prioritization of Quality Education and Lifelong Learning.
  • The impact that cyber security is having on society and business, and what the future might hold.