Kingstown Too Dark At Night Says Minister Francis

Minister of Transport and Works Julian Francis says capital City Kingstown,  is “Too Dark” at nights.

Francis on the party’s program Tuesday night said without specifying a timeline, that in the recent past it was much more lit.

“When you drive down bay street and also take a stroll on Back Street, its not properly lit, I think we have to do something about it”.

Francis said he had made certain suggestion as to how they can change the atmosphere in the city already and he believes in the not to distant future it will be down.

The minister note that the darkness encourages vagrants.

“I am not sure how many of you have notice it, but it is taking place all over the town”.

“There are many verandahs and arches that would show up beautiful at night, but if there are no lights under them the street lights would create only shadows”.

Francis said he is appealing to business owners and building owners, to try in 2019 to have the place lit, at least under the arches where their business is located.

 “Maybe we can link it to the city clean up that will come in the first quarter of 2019”, Francis said.

News784 spoke with several business owners last evening following Francis statement.

They all offered similar sentiments, in summary they told us that while they are willing to have lights in show windows or on the outside of their buildings at nights, the electricity cost is just to staggering.

Simple put the “Dance Would Not Pay For The Lights”.


  1. Has Julian Francis only just noticed that our Capital City, Kingstown is thoroughly very dark at night? Where on earth has he been living during the last eighteen years? Has he not taken time out also to notice how dirty, dilapidated and Dickensian the same is, with those large rats competing for living space in it? Shame on him! What has woken him up to the poor condition of the Kingstown?

    We the users have after all been trying to get his Government to take particular notice of that and to create a much better and more habitable living / working environment in Kingstown for a good number of years now, all to no avail.

    Perhaps he could now stand on any of the bridges at heritage Square, and count those huge Sewer Rats that have made their permanent homes between the fissures and crevasses, of the retaining walls, of that slow flowing river at heritage square, all for good measure or would hell freeze over first?

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